Prebook at $300 USD*
Beta version is priced at $1800 USD.
*The pre-book amount will be adjusted in the final invoice at the time of purchase.
Only 15 Beta version devices left in stock
NexStem Instinct
Product Timelines
Prebookings / Beta ver-Batch 01
Pre-Bookings are now open!
Batch 01 starts shipping from Jan 15th 2024
Prebookings / Beta ver-Batch 02
Pre-Bookings are closed
Batch 02 starts shipping from Feb 15th 2024
About Instinct
Tech Specs

Compact and powerful
Nexstem Instinct headset offers high-fidelity EEG data with powerful on-board computing
Nexstem ecosystem
Get the most of your BCI workflow with our powerful suit of apps running on custom built Athena OS. Build your own custom apps with Wisdom APIs & WisdomSDK
Athena OS
Athena OS
Discover powerful insights from your bio-signal data
Learn more about Athena OS here
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